How Not To Die On Skates in 7 minutes

It’s time to dust of those skates and tie up those laces. Skating is back! Well, it never left. Join us on our skating adventure with Roller Skate Detroit and learn How Not to Die on Skates in 7 Minutes! For many of us, skating brings back fond memories of roller discos, skating rinks, and cruising along the boardwalk or sidewalk. Though inline skates and rollerblades became hugely popular in the 80s and 90s, the classic quad skates never faded away.

Now Roller Skate Detroit is reviving the joy of skating for a new generation. This adult only skating facility with a growing community offers skating lessons for all levels, from those learning to balance on their very first pair of skates to the skater looking to refine their skills. This quick tutorial “How Not to Die on Skates in 7 Minutes” beginner video covers the basics you need to stay upright and avoid injuries. In a fun, judgment-free environment, experienced instructors will guide you through stance, balance, stopping, falling safely, and more. You’ll gain confidence on your skates while connecting with fellow skaters of all ages. Skating provides great exercise and stress relief. And rolling down the riverside path or vibin’ to music at the rink simply feels freeing. So whether you’re trying skates for the first time or returning after years away, come join Roller Skate Detroit. They’ll equip you with  essential skills so you can recapture the magic of skating. With patience and practice, you’ll be skating in style soon!

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Taking our beginner adult roller skating lessons is a great way for adults alike to try something new, get some exercise, and join the welcoming skate community. The lessons provide a supportive environment to gain skills and confidence on wheels at your own pace.


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