We are here, because of you!

Because of your votes we advanced to the final round. This is such an exciting moment for Roller Skate Detroit! We have been working so hard over the past few months preparing for this very moment, pouring our hearts and souls into perfecting our pitch. When we first started out, we were just a small skate training session on a Saturday near the end of the pandemic with a vision, always imagining we could make it this far. Your overwhelming support at each stage of the contest has carried us here.

The energy and enthusiasm from all of you who voted for us lit a fire under us, pushing us to keep improving right up until the deadline. Your belief in what we could accomplish fueled our perseverance through long nights and stressful days. We know there are amazing businesses we’re up against, but we feel confident in our vision and that you along with Detroit are ready for what Roller Skate Detroit will bring to the city. The big day is almost here. We want you to know that no matter what happens, this journey has been meaningful because of the community but more importantly you are behind us. Your votes gave us the confidence to dream big and the motivation to never stop working toward our goal. We’re so grateful to have you all in our corner. Here’s to an amazing final round!

Voting resumes on Wednesday, May 1 at noon and ends Thursday, May 9 at noon, for the final round of the Comerica Hatch Detroit-Contest by TechTown, so it’s crucial that we maintain the same level of voter enthusiasm and engagement that we saw in the semi-final round. The impressive turnout and passion for Roller Skate Detroit that each of you displayed in the semi-finals demonstrates how invested our community is in having their voices heard and selecting their preferred business. As we enter the critical final stretch, it’s vital not to lose that momentum. Voters should continue making voting plans to ensure they cast their ballots, and motivating friends and family to vote as well.

Grassroots get-out-the-vote efforts will be essential to spreading the word in communities and sustaining voter energy. If we can sustain the remarkable voter enthusiasm from the semi-final round, we can help guarantee that our community landscape reflects the will of engaged citizens. So let’s keep that passion alive and turn out in the same record numbers for the upcoming contests. The power is in our hands to shape the future of Roller Skate Detroit.


About Hatch Detroit

Hatch Detroit is an exciting nonprofit organization that aims to revitalize Detroit’s neighborhoods by supporting local retail initiatives. Founded in 2011, Hatch Detroit runs an annual contest where small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs can submit proposals for their retail concepts. A panel of judges narrows down the applicants to 10 semi-finalists who are then voted on by the public. The winner receives $100,000 in funding and support to launch their business, as well as additional support services. Past winners have included shops selling clothing, baked goods, and handcrafted goods that contribute to Detroit’s vibrant culture.

Beyond the contest, Hatch Detroit provides mentorship, exposure, and networking opportunities to all their semi-finalists to help build the retail ecosystem across Detroit’s neighborhoods. They connect entrepreneurs with available real estate opportunities and provide training on business plan development, marketing, and more. Hatch Detroit brings energy and foot traffic to forgotten neighborhoods while preserving the distinctive character of the community. Their impact goes beyond individual businesses to help revitalize districts into thriving, resilient communities. For anyone excited about supporting local businesses and boosting neighborhood revitalization in Detroit, Hatch Detroit is an inspiring organization to get involved with.

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