Public Skate Schedule

Whether you're looking for a fun date night activity or a way to meet new people, our adult only skate lounge is a prime space to let loose and recharge. So check out our public skate session listings.


Learn To Roller Skate

Whether you’re looking to finally learn how to roller skate or coming back to roller skating, or finding a unique cardio workout that’s more fun than the gym, this Skate Basics + Fitness training is perfect for you.

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Roller Skate Detroit

Step into a world of sophisticated skating at HaifaiOne – Roller Skate Detroit. The adult-only atmosphere provides an exclusive experience unmatched by traditional roller skating rinks. Founded in 2009 with a vision of elevating the roller skating experience for adults, we’ve evolved into so much more than just a roller skating facility.

Our guests delight in the refined ambiance during open skate nights, private skating parties, and while shopping our fashionable merchandise. We blend first-class hospitality, technology, and expert instruction to curate the quintessential modern roller skating lifestyle. Join us and see what sets HaifaiOne – Roller Skate Detroit apart.

Roller Skating Training

The art of the roller skating lesson, reimagined. Our trainings cater to adult learners, with a focus on building confidence and having fun in a relaxed environment.


Roller Skate Detroit by the Numbers

Trainees have participate in a Roller Skate Detroit Groundwork training sessions since 2021.

The age of the oldest trainee to participate in a Roller Skate Detroit training.

Minutes of personal attention our trainess experienced being apart of Roller Skate Detroit training sessions.

Roller Skating Parties

Host a private skating event for adults to enjoy an energetic evening with friends, family, or colleagues. This exclusive gathering provides a fun way to bond over physical activity.


Minimum 2 Hours

Exclusive access to the skate lounge for you and your party.

Up to 50 guest

Roller skate the night away with up to 50 of your closest friends.

50% Deposit

Dates and times can be reserved for as little as 50% down.

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Roller Skating Sessions

Come experience premium skating in a relaxed, judgement-free atmosphere. All adult 21+ skaters are invited to lace up and roll out for an evening of community, movement and fun on wheels.


All skill levels

No matter the skill level, skaters of all abilities are welcome.

Skate Rentals

Don't have skates? No problem - rent ours for the session.

Adult Centric

This is an adults-only environment, perfect for mature individuals

Roller Skate Practice Session

Roller Skating Practice — Focus on honing your technique and building confidence without the stress of evaluation. Whether you're starting out or have experience, our open practice time allows you to improve at your own pace.

HaifaiOne . Roller Skate Detroit FAQs

Got Questions?

Skates, wheels, equipment...seems a bit overwhelming, right?. It can be especially overwhelming for those who are new to skating. Don’t fret. Head on over to Frequently Asked Questions to find the answers to your questions - or help those in our community

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