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Whether you're looking for a fun date night activity or a way to meet new people, our adult only skate lounge is a prime space to let loose and recharge. So check out our public skate session listings.


Learn To Roller Skate

Whether you’re looking to finally learn how to roller skate or coming back to roller skating, or finding a unique cardio workout that’s more fun than the gym, this Skate Basics + Fitness training is perfect for you.

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Roller Skate Training

The art of roller skating, reimagined. Our roller skate trainings cater to adult, with a focus on building confidence and having fun in a relaxed environment. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, our experienced coaches will guide you every step of the way.

Come rediscover the joy of skating and let us help you reach new heights, one skill at a time.

Roller Skate Detroit by the Numbers

Trainees have participate in a Roller Skate Detroit Groundwork training sessions since 2021.

The age of the oldest trainee to participate in a Roller Skate Detroit training.

Minutes of personal attention our trainess experienced being apart of Roller Skate Detroit training sessions.

The Groundwork

Build the groundwork for your roller skating pursuits starts here. As you embark on this exciting new hobby, proper preparation and a solid foundation will set you up for a long and successful roller skating experience.

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Gaining the ability to maintain equilibrium is fundamental to the art of roller skating.


Strong core and leg muscles will enhance longevity and performance in roller skating.


Training in a supportive space, bolsters confidence and accelerates progress.

The Essence

Step up your roller skating skills with our weekly Essence drop-in sessions. These focused training blocks help you hone the essential techniques that elevate your skating.

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Staying focused on distinct objectives keeps the training productive and purposeful


Setting clear goals for improvement and pouring energy into meeting them.


By honing the foundational skills, skaters build a solid base.

The Groove

Under the patient guidance of our expert coaches, we’ll assist you with conquering the moves you’ve always dreamed of learning – whether it’s the rhythmic Detroit style, or an expressive dance routine or two.

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Routines that appear effortless, captivating the audience with artistry on skates.


Conquer the roller skating steps you’ve always dreamed of learning.


Transform into a skilled and confident skater.

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Got Questions?

Skates, wheels, equipment...seems a bit overwhelming, right?. It can be especially overwhelming for those who are new to skating. Don’t fret. Head on over to Frequently Asked Questions to find the answers to your questions - or help those in our community

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