The Groove

Groove beyond basic skills and into the thrill of advanced techniques. Under the patient guidance of our expert coaches, we’ll assist you with conquering the moves you’ve always dreamed of learning – whether it’s the rhythmic Detroit style, or an expressive dance routine or two. Our personalized instruction is tailored to experienced adult skaters who are ready to unlock their full potential on roller skates.

Join any of our roller skate trainings, today and watch yourself transform into the skilled, confident skater you’ve always envisioned. Our coaches can’t wait to help you elevate your abilities to new heights.

Mesmerize The World

You’ll graduate from basic rolling to having an arsenal of stylish moves. Learn the most popular steps in Detroit’s unique skating style.

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Roller Skate Detroit by the Numbers

Trainees have participate in a Roller Skate Detroit Groundwork training sessions since 2021.

The age of the oldest trainee to participate in a Roller Skate Detroit training.

Minutes of personal attention our trainess experienced being apart of Roller Skate Detroit training sessions.

Part Magic, Part Fantastic.

Whether you’re a capable roller skater looking to learn more than the basics or an experienced dancer wanting to broaden your horizons, this weekly drop-in training offer a fun and engaging way to gain those skills.

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Got Questions?

Skates, wheels, equipment...seems a bit overwhelming, right?. It can be especially overwhelming for those who are new to skating. Don’t fret. Head on over to Frequently Asked Questions to find the answers to your questions - or help those in our community

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