The Essence

Step up your roller skating skills with our weekly Essence drop-in sessions. These focused training blocks help you hone the essential techniques that elevate your skating. Through consistent practice of core skills like starts, stops, crossovers, pivots and more, you’ll steadily improve your balance, strength, coordination, and confidence on wheels.

Our bite-sized segments allow you to master key maneuvers and accelerate your progress without having to start from scratch. Whether you’re learning for a casual skate experience or to dance skate, jam skate or play roller derby, put in the time with us each week. With our targeted training, you’ll take your skating to new heights.

"Wiz" Mode Unlocked

Gaining the fundamental technique of the pivot turn, is key to most skate styles, and accessing the more advanced skate moves of the Detroit style of roller skating.


Roller Skate Detroit by the Numbers

Trainees have participate in a Roller Skate Detroit Groundwork training sessions since 2021.

The age of the oldest trainee to participate in a Roller Skate Detroit training.

Minutes of personal attention our trainess experienced being apart of Roller Skate Detroit training sessions.

Lean With It, Rock With It.

A key skill is the crossover turn, which allows skaters to smoothly change direction. With practice, the motions of weight transfer, edge control, and footwork become second nature.



Building muscular endurance through targeted training.


Building muscular endurance through targeted training.


Cultivated through our training, unlocking each individuals potential.

Grab The Golden,
Ticket To Ride.

The starting push-off sets the foundation for your skating stride. You gain an understanding how to shift your weight to establish a rhythm to your roller skating.


All skill levels

Skaters of all skill levels are invited to join, with trainings suited to their abilities.

Skate Rentals

Don't have skates? No problem - rent ours for the session.

Adult Centric

This is an adults-only environment, perfect for mature individuals

Front To Back...
... Just Like That

A two-step transition turn on roller skates requires precision and practice. With proper form and technique, the skater can gracefully turn 180 degrees by shifting their weight and positioning their feet.

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Got Questions?

Skates, wheels, equipment...seems a bit overwhelming, right?. It can be especially overwhelming for those who are new to skating. Don’t fret. Head on over to Frequently Asked Questions to find the answers to your questions - or help those in our community

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