Detroit Dance + Step

Detroit Dance + Step

Weekly 60 Minutes
Required Equipment
  • Quad Roller Skates
Optional Equipment
  • Hard Wheels
  • Soft Wheels

Friday 6:30 pm

Admission: $20
Admission + Skate Rental: $27

More Info:

Add to your repertoire of roller skating dance moves by learning some of the popular Detroit styles and national skate dance steps. Our experienced coaches will guide you through the fundamentals of these energetic dances, adding new techniques to your skillset. Whether you’re a capable roller skater looking to learn the basics or an experienced dancer wanting to broaden your horizons, this weekly drop-in training offer a fun and engaging way to gain those skills in a judgment-free and welcoming community.


Do we have to register every week with the recurring option?

Do we need to have our own skates?

I can’t skate at all is this for me?

Would it still be beneficial if we already know how to skate a bit? Or will there be a more intermediate class soon?