On the Clock NFL Draft 2024 – Roller Skate Detroit

Thanks to Somerset Collection, the NFL has found the blue door. Roller Skate Detroit has officially become part of this historic event that is projected to infuse nearly 170 million dollars into the local economy. Roller Skate Detroit, will provide the Roller Skating Brand Ambassadors, that is right those skaters you will see down there came from none other than Roller Skate Detroit.

The 2024 NFL Draft Experience presented by Rocket Mortgage has long been one of the most anticipated events in professional football, drawing massive crowds and generating excitement across the nation. This year, the draft is being held in our beloved Detroit, Michigan, marking the first time this major sporting event has come to the Motor City. The blue door referenced symbolically represents a new experience that hasn’t been seen in the roller skating that is geared solely towards adults, just as Detroit is opening its doors and welcoming the draft, which is a new experience for all that love this great city.

The draft will be held at Campus Martius, and Somerset Collection will have a popup premier upscale retail store front in the heart of all the excitement.

By bringing the draft to Detroit, the NFL will provide a tremendous economic boost estimated at nearly $170 million. Local businesses like Roller Skate Detroit will directly benefit from the influx of visitors. Roller Skate Detroit is providing branded roller skating ambassadors who will liven up the atmosphere during the event. Their presence underscores the city’s rich roller skating cultural heritage and flair. The skaters rolling down the streets from Hart Plaza the Somerset Collection Studio located  next to the Element will showcase Detroit’s vibrant spirit.

Their involvement highlights how the draft will stimulate community engagement and showcase the city’s local flavor. In all, Roller Skate Detroit’s participation epitomizes the draft’s potential to spur economic growth, energize Detroit businesses and organizations, and allow Detroiters to take pride and ownership in this national spectacle happening right in their backyard. The blue door has swung open, and Detroit is ready to roll and the Roller Skate Detroit Skaters are officially On The Clock.

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