Mini Training: Backwards Skating

Roller Skaters we have heard you! Introducing our new mini camp series. Our mini camp series reduce the weeks by half and only focuses on one specific aspect of your roller skating journey. Our first offering in the mini camp roller skate training series is Backward Roller Skating.

Learning how to skate backwards has always been a huge goal of many who roller skated as kids and were never able to unlock this skill. If you have struggled with backward roller skating, or if you are ready to expand your skillset and reduce the amount of time learning to skate backwards on your own, this training is for you.

In this roller skating mini camp, we will show you exactly what you need to know in order to successfully learn how to skate backwards and show off your new skills. Most importantly, you’ll be accomplishing a goal you may have had since childhood, talk about a boost in your skate confidence. This training will make you want to set even bigger skate goals and conquer them.

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