Actually Stick With That New Good Habit

Struggling to turn a regular “should do” into an “already done!”? These three techniques can give you the confidence you need to succeed. Building a habit requires a combo of regularly deciding to do the behavior and actually doing it. Habit stacking, incremental changes and maxing out motivation can help you cement healthy routines. Following a daily program in NTC makes … Continued

Why Consistency Matters Most — for Your Brain and Body

If you want to strengthen your muscles fast, should you do more or fewer reps? Eccentric exercises? Muscle confusion? HIIT? Turns out, just showing up on a regular basis — aka being consistent — can do way more for your fitness than obsessing over all those other variables can. Consistency might sound like the boring … Continued

Take Control of Your Process

So you’re not where you want to be. With a strategic step-by-step, you can enjoy the journey instead of wishing you were there already.


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