Skate Basics + Fitness

Want to learn how to skate, are you self taught or are you looking for a low impact cardio that is fun? Roller Skate Detroit has checked all the boxes for you with our new USKATE — Skate Basics and cardio fitness session.

Our Skate Basics + Fitness training will equip you with the basic skills to grow into any style skater that you so choose. You will learn proper skate techniques, skating rink etiquette, roller skate equipment knowledge. We will also help you to remove FOFO… not sure what FOFO is, join our training and you will know and overcome it.

All our skate training sessions are closed to the public and those under 21.

Roller Skate Detroit is a judgment free zone, we provide a safe, private and intimate venue for you to gain the skills and confidence to become a good skater. Our facility is a relaxing environment, our training sessions are deliberately small for the best experience possible,  our staff is very friendly and knowledgable about the best approaches to unlocking the skater that is in everyone.

Skate Basics + Fitness is our original and most popular training session.

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