We are an affluent roller skating brand with an unwavering commitment to crafting exquisite fun experiences for mature adults.  The vision started in 2009, with a focus on adding value to the already long established Detroit Roller Skating history. That added value comes in the form of training beginner roller skaters, creating a judgment free environment, sharing expert advice on equipment and more. With adding value to the roller skating community as a foundational value, we celebrate new roller skaters who are committed to keeping the love of roller skating alive.

Today Roller Skate Detroit, has 4 employees with growth on the horizon. We have forged partnerships with Detroit Roller Derby, the city of Ferndale Michigan, and are currently pursuing partnerships with those who are creating roller skating history daily. 


We are committed to growth in the adult roller skating community and bringing fresh ideas and constantly re-imagining the status quo.

USKATE — Roller Skating + Derby Basics, is Roller Skate Detroit’s initiative to introduce or reintroduce adult skaters back into the roller skating community. We are adding new training courses seasonally and will have a full training program in place by Fall 2022. The training courses will feed all the roller skating communities locally and nationally.